12 januari 2022

New grass seed on the putting greens

This is a technique called “cold seeding”

Over the last few days we have placed new grass seed into the putting greens. This is a technique called “cold seeding”. Where seed is placed into the ground, prior to optimum growth conditions. When optimum growth conditions are present, normally in the months of April and May, the seed will germinate and grow.  Using the cold seeding technique allows the seeds a lot more time to find their way into the ground, via either rainfall washing the seeds into the new holes, or via the studs on the golf shoe, walking the seed in. The more seed in the holes, will result in a high percent germination rate. This is the opposite of seeding the greens in the summer months, when the mowers have to regularly be used on the putting greens, to control the grass growth. The mower will cut the grass, but also collects the new grass seed, which is then wasted when we throw away the collected grass out of our mower buckets. Due to the putting greens being constructed mostly with sand, the chance of the seeding rotting in the ground is minimal. On average the field capacity of the putting greens (maximum water holding amount of the soil) is 35% water. So this ensures that rotting of the seed is not a problem.  We have been using the cold seeding technique on the greens the last three winters. And I feel that it has been a successful maintenance technique. And believe this will lead Leeuwenbergh putting greens into a successful 2022 season.