11 december 2022

Why we are on winter green today (Thursday 22)

Today we are staying on winter greens. The reason for this is, it helps the greenkeepers prepare the putting surfaces for the Christmas weeks. 

We are compacting the putting surfaces, to remove any unevenness caused  from the frost. This also ensures an acceptable playing surface concerning ball roll. 

Due to the increase in day and night temperatures, constantly above 3 degrees celsius. There is an increased risk of the greens suffering from disease damage (fusarium - fungi). To prevent this, we are applying an acidic granular material to the putting surfaces. 

The aim of this is to temporarily reduce the pH in the surface layer of the putting green. So restricting the fusarium fungi population increases. 

This material requires water to help wash it into the surface of the putting green, prior to anybody walking on the surface. We expect rain this afternoon and tonight, so this will ensure the acidic material is washed in, with no damage to the grass leafs on the putting greens. 

Tomorrow, Friday 23rd December, we will be back on summer greens. 

Thankyou for your understanding.