17 november 2020

Tree Planting

This week will be planting trees around the golf course.

This week will be planting trees around the golf course. Are main focus areas will be the inside right dogleg on the 18th hole, next to our recent bunker construction work. 


We will be planting six Acer Rubra trees. The Acers leafs will give a nice contrasting red colour, which will be the most impressive in autumn. The planting location of the trees will help strengthen the dogleg corner, reducing the option to short-cut the corner. While strengthening the border between the 18 fairway and the 14th green, increasing players safety.


We will also be improving hole 16. We will first  remove the dead Sorbus trees located on the right hand side of the fairway, near to the ecological area. We will replace these with varying sorts of willow trees. We will also work on reducing the view of the industrial park, from the 16th fairway. 


Any work being conducted on the area where holes 15,16,17 are located has many restrictions. There are several gas pipes located along the length of the holes. There is also an emergency gas chamber located in the ecological area. We are heavily restricted on what choices of tree species we can plant in these areas, as most of our work will be on, or very near by underground gas lines. The willows have the added benefit of being able to cope with the difficult ground conditions which are found in these areas.