20 juli 2018

Golden colour grass

Our golf course currently has a nice golden appearance over rough and fairway areas. This is nothing to be concerned about as grass plants have the ability to turn dormant, to help manage their own water usage, through this dry weather.

A result of the grass reducing its growth, is that our daily mowing routine is also greatly reduced. This gives a nice change but also brings new challenges which we need to manage.

If you are at the golf course early in the mornings, you may see a greenkeeper taking daily moisture readings of each green. We use a digital moisture sensor, which tells us the moisture percentage within the ground. From these readings, we decide which greens require hand watering though the day, and if water via the automatic irrigation system is required through the night. Using this sensor, helps us to only apply water when it is needed by the plant, and to conserve our water usage.

The trees around the golf course are also having a challenging time with moisture management. We have been daily watering the new trees around holes 12,15,16 & 17 which we planted in February. This regular watering has been increased to older trees and shrubs, as plants around holes 1, 13 are also having difficulties.

As some of our mowing machinery is not needed as frequently as normal. It is a nice time to carry out needed repairs to our machinery. One important job is the sharpening of all mowing knifes. This ensures a clean cut to the grass leaf blade, which can quickly heal from the cut. Minimizing the damage to the grass leafs blades, minimizes water loss through the grass leaf blade, ensuring a healthier grass plant that can stay healthy through this dry weather.